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Cash for junk cars

A junk car is a car that has significant damages, and you may find that it is very expensive to repair the vehicle. When you have a car in such a condition, you may neglect it, but there is another better option. You can sell the car and get some cash to help you get another car or finance other projects you may be having. This guide can help you know everything about selling a junk car. Read on to know how to get the most out of your junk car.

Sell Your Junk Cars

When is it time to junk your car?

When your car is not assisting you in carrying out your daily activities, you may need to get rid of it. There are some signs informing you that it is time to get rid of your junk car;

Damage. If the car has deteriorating parts such as transmission and tires, you may need to junk it. When such crucial parts are damaged, it is challenging and expensive to repair them.

Age. If a car has covered more than 180,000 miles and is about 20 years old, it might not be worth keeping it. Such an old car has many issues and requires a lot of repairs.

Sitting hours. If you find that your car is sitting more than it is moving, it is a sign that its use is up. Therefore, it may be time to junk it.

A junk car poses a threat when on the road. A junk car may drop dead in an unsafe alley; therefore, you need to get rid of a junk car before such a thing happens to you. Please note that these are not the only times you may need to junk your car. Other unfortunate instances may lead to you junking your cars, such as an accident or natural disasters.

It is up to you to determine your car’s utility and decide whether it is better to junk it or stay with it. Please remember that there is no need to stay with a car in the garage without using it when you can make cash out of it.

How to Get Cash for Junk Car?

If you want to get the cash for the junk car, you need to sell it. Selling it is not a single transaction but a process. You need to follow certain steps to have some cash in your pocket.

Step 1: Write down the condition of your vehicle

Inspect your car and note down where the car is damaged. Also, note whether the car still has valuable items. It would be best if you wrote down what you noted carefully. As you write, you need to describe what you are selling accurately.

Step 2: Determine the value of your car

When you note down your car’s estimated value, you can better negotiate with the buyer. To estimate the value of your car, you can use the Kelley Blue Book. Kelley Blue Book is a reliable and useful resource to determine your car’s value. Please note that the cash you can expect from your car is less than the Blue Book value because it is ‘junk.’ Therefore, you should subtract the costs of potential repairs from the Blue Book value to get a better estimate.

Step 3: Get rid of personal items

Look at the car’s trunk, underneath the floor mats, and in the glove box for any personal items, you may have. Take all those items before you sell the car. Also, remember to remove your license plates because the law requires you to remove them. Also, remember to cancel your existing insurance to prevent recurring payments.

Step 4: Sell the car

Once you go through the steps above, you can sell it and get cash for your junk car. Depending on what you feel appropriate, you may tow the car to or drive it to the buyer. After you sell the car, return the license plates to the DMV so you can cancel your registration. To know the right procedure to return your plates, visit your state’s DMV website.

Who pays cash for junk cars?

There are salvage yards and junkyards that are more than willing to pay cash for your junk car. You may find the junkyards by canvassing the area, asking your friends, or through a google search. To search for a local junkyard using Google, you can search phrases such as ‘Get cash for junk cars near me’ or ‘car junkyards near me.’

You can obtain the junkyard’s contacts on the different sites that Google refers you to. It is recommendable to get about three contacts, call them, and compare their services. Before calling a junkyard, ensure you have all the car’s details to communicate them to the junkyard and obtain a price.

Some junkyards may offer free towing, ensuring you inquire about the service. These junkyards buy your car to do one of these three things;

Rebuild it. The junkyards can fix the car by replacing damaged parts and repainting them. Once the car is back to life, the junkyard can sell the car at a higher value.

Recycle its parts. The car has parts made from aluminum and steel. The junkyard company may melt down some of these parts and recycle them to have new and more valuable metal products.

Sell the car’s parts. The junkyard can sell some of the car parts to auto repair shops. Some of these junkyards have lots where consumers can walk through, get any part they need, buy it and use it to repair their cars.

What to do to get the most cash for a junk car?

When you are selling your junk car, please be careful since there are unscrupulous buyers in the market. They may want to get the junk car for the lowest value possible. As mentioned above, you need to estimate the car’s value so you can negotiate better. Also, there are other things you need to note as you sell the car.

Tip 1: Look for customer’s reviews

Look for a junkyard with an online presence because they are more reliable. Also, you can get reviews about a junkyard with an online presence. Check for these reviews and note whether the customers got value for their junk cars. If the customers are unhappy about the services, you need to avoid the junkyard.

Tip 2: dismantle the car

Most junkyards only need the metal parts of the car. Therefore, you may consider removing the car’s seats, plastic, and fluids. The junkyard you sell to may offer to dismantle the car but will pay less for the car. If you dismantle it, you will get more cash out of your junk car.

Tip 3: If you can drive the car to the junkyard

Some of the junkyards may offer to tow your car. They may do it purposely to determine whether your vehicle still has some life. If you tow it, it shows the car is written off, and you won’t get a lot of cash from your junk car. If you can drive to the junkyard, you should do it. Driving to the junkyard enhances your bargaining power; therefore, you can get more from your junk car.

Tip 4: Get a local junkyard

You can obtain more cash when you sell to the nearest junkyard. It is better to get a local junkyard because the towing expenses are much less.

Tip 5: Compare different quotes

The sellers offer similar rates, but they vary a bit. It would be best if you got the highest rate possible. You need to employ your negotiating skills because the junkyards tend to offer the lowest price.

Tip 6: Remove valuable items

Some of the valuable items you may consider removing include; alternators, wheels, starter motors, and wheels. You can make more money when you sell these items separately, so find time to remove them. If you can’t remove them yourself, you can request a friend to help you out.

Cash for junk cars without title

Some junkyards may fail to accept your junk car if you don’t have a title. However, some junkyards will accept the car as long as you have a driver’s license and a copy of your registration. You can obtain a copy of your registration from your state’s motor vehicle department website.

Also, depending on the state you are living in, you cannot sell a junk car without a title. Therefore, you may need to replace the missing title. For example, in California, you need to get a new title to sell your junk car.

Bottom Line

Don’t let your junk car stay in your garage when you can make cash for your junk car. Some junkyards would appreciate having the junk car in their possession for various reasons. You need to do things before you sell the car that this guide has mentioned; therefore, ensure you need to follow them. Negotiate well to get the most from your car, and if you don’t have title to the car, get a junkyard allowing you to sell without a title.

Cash for junk cars

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