Sell The Junk Car

Get Top Dollar for Your Junk Car

Get top dollar for your junk car? There is an old saying that says that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. How does this apply to selling a junk car? You maybe trying to sell what you consider a junk car(and it really maybe a junk car) but take note that someone or someplace will by your junk car because they see all type of potential in that junk car. The truth is when a car is in top condition it will be easy to sell but what about when it gets into that junk “state? There are many places and ways you can sell your junk car for top dollar. Or you can sell it to someone who will use it for spare parts for their vehicles. Don’t just get the car out of your yard because you may not realize you could have a potential of making $300.00 dollars off that backyard eyesore. Investigate before you just have the junk car towed away.

Sell Your Junk Cars

Selling your Junk Car Online

You can sell your car online either on Craigslist, eBay or there are many other online marketing platforms that offer this service to sell junk cars on their platforms.

Steps to sell your junk car for the Best Price

  1. If you are mechanically inclined you can strip your junk car of the catalytic converter, breaks, radiator, and other valuable parts and sell them for a good profit. The radiator and catalytic converter can be sold for precious metals and then you can sale what is left of the car to the local junkyard and procure more money for your “classic”.
  2. Look in your local classified ads in your phone book or on your mobile device. Look under the categories “junk cars”, “services”, or “towing”. You can sale your car to anyone of these professionals who have listed its businesses under one of these categories.
  3. If you see advertisements along the road or freeway for businesses that buy junk cars get the phone number of the business.Ask them how much they will buy your junk car for.. They may say “We pay up to $300.00 dollars.” but then they come to your residence and offer you $100.00 dollars for the car. Turn the offer down and shop for someone who will pay you top dollar for your junk car. Just because someone will quote you a price over the phone does not mean that person will pay you that amount on location. Search for the top business who will pay you top dollar for your junk car.
  4. Search online by inserting “junk automobiles” in your search engine and the query and the search will pull up websites advertising they will buy junk cars. Research the sites until you find the one that will guarantee you the highest payment for your junk car. Call each one and ask them their going rates for buying junk automobiles. Again, do not take the first offer you get on the phone because if you keep calling and asking you will getter better price quotes for your junk car.
  5. Be smart and do not take the cash the guy has in his hand which maybe $100.00 dollars when he said he would buy your car for $400.00 dollars. He will try to cheat you out of the proper amount for your car and then he will tow the car away and make all kinds of money on it He will also try and give you all the reasons why your car is not worth $400.00. Bid that person goodbye and keep calling until you find someone who will pay you the price they advertise online and quote you when you contact them. Be smart in your dealings with junk car businesses.
  6. You want junkyards to deal honestly when you contact them to buy your junk car. So, if you put an ad in the newspaper or on craigslist be totally honest about the condition of your junk car. Especially, if the car is still running and needs some repairs. If the car needs repairs say this in the ad and say how much the repairs will cost. Someone may contact you and buy the car for the asking price. They will take the car and replace the needed parts on the car and they will turn around and sale it for a nice profit. Some may walk away with a $2,000 dollar profit.
  7. If you are in the market for junk cars and you can buy them for an amount then restore them and make the necessary repairs on them.Then you can sell them for a nice profit. You will also save a lot of money if you can repair the car yourself.

Finally, if you consider any of the above steps for selling your junk car; you will get top dollar for your junk car.

Sell The Junk Car

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